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Attorney Jennifer Bergert

Real Estate

Representation regarding real estate contracts, purchase agreements, and title issues, lien searches and deed preparation.

Real estate and property law covers an extensive legal area which is regulated by federal and state statutes, as well as common law. Many aspects of this area overlap with contract law.

Also known as property law, real estate law encompasses more than just the tangible aspects of real property. It consists of the land and that which is attached to or belongs with the land such as immovable structures like buildings, houses, and trees, but also consists of the interests, benefits, and rights that are considered legally attached to the real property. This can include certain rights to the air above the land, drilling the ground beneath the land, or rights to live on the property.

Real estate law is a very complex practice area. Jennifer Bergert is well versed in property law ranging from drafting of deeds and filing of liens, to handling and even helping families in court when faced with foreclosure.

When questions arise on a real estate transaction and the deal is complicated or risky, it’s smart to consult with a real estate attorney.

If you are in need of legal representation regarding real estate contracts, purchase agreements, title issues, lien searches, and deed preparation, and you live in the North Canton, Jackson Township, or surrounding Stark County Ohio areas, contact Jennifer Bergert, Attorney at Law.

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